with a cover by Juan Doe and interiors by Annapaola Martello.

When my editor at Dynamite sent me an email to ask what my thoughts were about a KISS/Vampirella book, I have to admit I drew a blank at first.

They’re both things that I’m familiar with but both of them have decades of continuity that I haven’t memorized, so for those first few moments I was lost in a sea of possibility.

But after we talked for a bit, he suggested we could set it in the 1970s and suddenly everything made complete sense.

I went off, did some research and by that night had the rough beats of this story all sketched out.

Taking everything back to when both KISS and Vampirella were unknown quantities to some degree, that made pretty much everything possible.

Which leads us here, issue 1 of KISS/Vampirella — A story I took to calling “Devil Music.” Let’s see what we see.